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So after about a month long hiatus from my NFL Picks…I am back!!!  Too much time focusing on the MLB Playoffs and the start of the NBA Season.  Priorities, right?

About 6 weeks ago, I decided to change my approach with these picks, and did it in a very systematic way.  All home, all road, all favorite, all underdog, and a combination of all four.  I am still looking to add more criteria down the road, but for now, simple.

10 weeks into the season, we are starting to see some trends.  Some expected, and some, well, not.  Here is where we are at:NFL Week 10 Results

When picking against the spread, the home teams are covering just 44% of the time, as opposed to 56% for the road teams.  And the underdogs are covering 57% of the time, compared to the favorites covering only 43%.  Road favorites / home underdogs are exactly 50% (23-23).  So far this season, your best bet against the spread would be road underdogs, who are covering 60% of the time.

When not factoring in spreads, the numbers are more spread out.  Home teams are winning just 52% of their games, which seems a little low.  Your best bets (obviously) are your favorites, who are winning about 62% of time.  Taking that a step further, the home favorites are winning 60%, with the road favorites winning 66%.  They are your best bets when you’re doing basic pick’em pools (no spreads).

Check back next week for the Week 11 results, as well as the overall records.

And as I said last week, if you have any ideas for things to track, let me know!

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